Skills Report

Our Skills Report

A skills report represents the shortened online form of the skills inventory. It can be used either early in the process of “screening” several candidates or at the end of an application process to obtain a second opinion.

The implementation focuses on a few focal points based on the client’s questions. The skills report takes place exclusively online.


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Time-flexible implementation that is independent of location

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Cost-saving, independent, second opinion

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Efficient implementation and quick feedback to the client

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Identification of participants’ strengths and weaknesses

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Matching of the skills required for the position with the observations from the skills report as well as the self-assessment of the participants

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At the very beginning or shortly before the end of the application process

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Basis for development priorities


"Screening" of several applicants

Comparison of the necessary skills and those displayed

Additional information and improved decision-making basis thanks to a second opinion


Self- and external assessment

Psychometric analyses

Structured intensive interview (online)



The client informs about the framework conditions. Open questions are clarified and the focus of the Skills Report is set.


Based on the needs of the client, a package of suitable psychometric analyses is compiled. These are supplemented by selected interview questions.


The skills report takes place online. The analyses are carried out on our partner’s, future-cube AG, platform; the interview is carried out via MS teams (or similar). The coordination with the participants is carried out by ime.

Online Feedback

ime creates a short report. This is an assessment of the participants, which concisely shows their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the short report contains an overview of skills from different perspectives (target characteristics, self-assessment, assessment ime). The findings from the skills report can be used as a basis for further development measures.

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