Project Manager Assessments

Assessments for project managers

The right project managers can prevent ineffective and inefficient projects, which sometimes “burn” up to a third of business profits in companies. Projects are often regarded as an “additional effort” to day-to-day business, which still has to be carried out on the side. Often there is too little time for a serious coordination of project goals and funds. Project management is usually more demanding than mere lines, as disciplinary responsibility is usually not given.

Our experience clearly shows that far too little attention is paid to the selection of the project manager, the composition of project teams, and the ideal project organization. Ime’s project manager assessments are designed to address these points. They define the skills set required for successful project implementation and focus on the project managers.


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Choose the right person for a project

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Concepts for improvements in project and resource management

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Effective and sustainable project work in all phases

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Ensuring successful coordination and targeted communication


Successful filling of project manager functions

Ensuring efficient project organization

Meaningful composition of project teams

Successful collaboration within the project team


External and self-assessment

Conflict discussions


Leadership discussions

Psychometric analyses

Structured interviews


Analysis and information

Installation of the project monitor to assess current projects. The client informs on the framework conditions and environment.

Set priorities

Together with the customer, we determine the focal points and the purpose (selection / development) of the project manager assessment. We then determine the optimal mix of tools to use.


Depending on the design, a preparatory phase is defined in advance of the project manager assessment. This consists, for example, of a presentation exercise and some psychometric analyses which are completed by the candidate in advance of the project manager assessment. ime takes over coordination with the participants.


ime assumes responsibility for the smooth implementation of the project manager assessment (briefing of external assessors, participant handling, etc.). At the client’s request, the implementation can take place either at one of our locations in Zurich or St. Gallen or on the client’s premises. The project manager assessment can be carried out with or without the client’s representatives being present.


The effectiveness and benefits of a project manager assessment all depend on serious feedback. After the final feedback report has been prepared, a detailed and structured feedback discussion with the participant takes place. In addition, the findings from the project manager assessment are discussed with the client.


The project manager assessment as a starting point for personal or professional development shows possible measures and focal points. The feedback report lists specific development recommendations.

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