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change Management

Fast and efficient adaptability of companies in the constantly changing markets is one of the most important skills that organizations must build or maintain. This is the only way they can master current challenges and future changes.

Our customers develop concepts with us which we then implement together. Modern business and management models, as well as changing, agile organizational structures often lead to irritation or fear of loss among employees of different levels. Beneficial transformation processes are characterized by a memorable target image and a clear understanding of roles. Professional support for the target group and the ability to actively shape change is one of the focal points of our activities. The application of tried and tested methods as well as the use of experienced consultants is a matter of course for us.


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Cultural development and transformation

check change management

Ensuring the right positioning

check change management

Protection against surprises of the environment

check change management

Visible and measurable results

check change management

Bundling the forces of the entire company


Recognizing opportunities in the market environment

Definition of clear targets

Transparent decisions with high traceability

Ensuring an effective and rapid change towards the target image

Successful handling of resistance

Positive influence on employer branding

Strengthening the employer brand


Value barometer

Value feedback





Definition of the initial situation. Joint elaboration of targets and definition of the measurement criteria (measuring point 1).

Plan of action

Definition of the next steps and creation of a concrete schedule.


Communication of the targets in the company. ime accompanies the implementation measures (e.g. workshop moderation, introduction of new tools) and supports the company in communication measures necessary for a successful transformation within and outside the company.


Verification of target achievement: Measurement of the criteria determined at the beginning and TARGET/CURRENT- comparison. Survey of the workforce and possibly management of additionally selected clients (measuring point 2 and others).

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