Competence Management

Competence Management

Capturing skills – identifying and closing skills gaps

The dynamics of the labor market, the shortage of specialists and skilled workers require agile staff planning from companies. What skills are needed to successfully manage the future? How is it ensured that not only enough employees, but also employees with the appropriate skills are on board? The interplay between competence and talent management is the solution here.


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Creation of a company-specific competence model

check competence management

Young people are familiarized with the skills of the future

check competence management

Employees adapt their skills to the challenges of new functions

check competence management

Early identification of tomorrow’s challenges results in a smoother transformation

check competence management

Prevention of unwanted departures through constant development opportunities


Ensuring the skills and abilities of the future for the entire workforce

Early identification of the need for transformation

Ensuring the marketability of the company


Selection of a program that allows a current/target comparison of relevant skills

Define opportunities for knowledge transfer (how can a person acquire new skills and use them successfully?)



Analyzing the current skills sets (CURRENT): Companies often do not know the potential that lies dormant in their employees. In a skills analysis tool, the skills of all employees are recorded almost completely automatically.

The TARGET State

Determination of future relevant competencies (TARGET): Which skills are necessary to meet the requirements of the future?

Target/Current comparison

Through the TARGENT/CURRENT comparison, skills gaps can be localized, and development programs can be created to support employees.


Optimized development programs are introduced and used in recruiting and training activities.

Monitoring and Review

Development is recorded and the progress is reviewed after 12 months. Further optimization possibilities are created.

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