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360° Feedback

The 360° Feedback (also referred to as 360° Leadership Feedback) is an efficient method for assessing the skills and behavior of managers and specialists from different perspectives (superiors, peers, employees, self-assessment, customers, project employees, etc.). The manager is sensitized to their strengths and weaknesses through the comprehensive feedback.

By repeating the same analysis, an employee’s development is highlighted (run comparison). For the development of the 360° survey, your company-specific skills or a standard skills model can be used.


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Differentiated, personal assessment of the situation

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Identification of blind spots and distorted self-perceptions

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Basis for development, target agreement or pulse check discussions; starting points for personal development

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Improving the feedback culture, increasing awareness of the company's core competencies and values

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Low costs and high benefits through digitized processes


Juxtaposition of external and self-image, stimulation of a change of perspective

Review of the expectations of various stakeholders

Establishing a constructive feedback culture

Basis for measures for personal development

Basis for targeted team development processes


Individual assessment of the situation

Definition of learning fields

Accompaniment of change processes

Improvement of behavior (leadership effect, sales skills, etc.)

Analysis of conflicting signals from the environment

Identifying the causes of conflict

Realignment of organizational units

Starting instrument for professional coaching



Questions before use:

  • What goals should be achieved with the 360° feedback process?

  • How should the process be implemented?

  • Who should give feedback?

  • Which competences should be assessed?

  • What consequences do the results have for the feedback participants involved (e.g. selection or development)?

The conception phase is essential for the implementation and execution of the 360° feedback process. With each further implementation of a 360° feedback, the comparison to the last survey can be shown. In this case, the preparation phase starts directly.

  • Determination of participants

  • Setting a schedule

  • Information Participants

  • Participants conduct an online survey

  • Follow-up of the defaulting participants


At the end of the survey, the evaluation is downloaded as a PDF file. The evaluation contains a profile overview in which various results, averages, and comparative values are displayed sorted by competence. The participant therefore has the opportunity to compare the evaluations of the different feedback groups and his self-assessment. The comparison between self-image and external image shows which specific fields of action are available for further development and offers an ideal basis for the feedback discussion.

Measuring success

A second run (“run comparison”) shows the changes between two analyses.

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